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Run a Café

Run a Café is a game where you do just that, run a Café! Make drinks from regular coffee, to iced flavored coffees and even serve food! Manage your inventory and time efficiently to ensure you maximize every customer! Start from nothing and build a full scale, dine-in Café! Keep an eye on your money and your Café ratings! Too low of ratings or running out of money causes you to close up shop and it's game over!

Run a Café is out now!


In this 2D roguelike platformer, you're a computer virus, tasked with the job of taking over different machines.

You can use the data you collected from your previous runs to improve your computer virus such as : New Abilities, New Attacks, and even new virus types!

(Virus_); is slated to be released in early access in 2023/2024 on Steam!

Developed by : ZexaGames | Published by : PixelRift Studios

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    Pixel:Core is a 2D platformer where you try to speedrun levels! Improve your times by optimizing your paths and jumps to climb to the top of the leaderboards!

    Pixel:Core is slated to release on PC and Android with no slated release date

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